Stochastic PDE's, Large Scale Interacting Systems and Applications to Biology

Event type: Workshop (GDRI ReaDiNet (Reaction-Diffusion Network in Mathematics and Biomedecine))
Start at: march 10, 2016
Place: 15h00, Salle 2.2.34
Responsability: UMA


The poster of the Conference can be downloaded here.

  • La conférence se déroule à Orsay et à ENSTA ParisTech du 9 au 11 mars 2016.

  • Coorganisateurs: Tadahisa Funaki, Stefano Olla and Danielle Hilhorst.

  • 15h15 - [Tadahisa Funaki] (Tokyo)
    Stochastic motion by mean curvature and sharp interface limits.

  • 15h50 [Hendrik Weber] (Warwick)
    The dynamic $Phi^4$ model - Scaling limits and global existence.  

  • 16h20 - Collation.

  • 16h50 - [Max von Renesse] (Leipzig)
    Weak solutions for a stochastic mean curvature flow of two-dimensional graphs.

  • 17h25 - [Kai LEE] (Tokyo)
    Sharp interface limit for one-dimensional stochastic Allen-Chan equation with Dirichlet boundary condition.