Location Models and Applications (MLA)

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Titre : Location Models and Applications (MLA)
Section : OPTIONS
Ects : 3
Responsable : Sourour Elloumi (ENSTA ParisTech)
Intervenants :
Daniel Porumbel (CNAM/CEDRIC/OC)
Sourour Elloumi (ENSTA ParisTech)
Objectif : Learn how to apply methods from Combinatorial Optimization -and particularly from Mathematical Programming- to some classical problems in Operations Research such that Discrete Location and Task assignment in distributed systems.
See the basics in 0-1 quadratic programming.
Prérequis : Cours de Programmation Mathématique
Saisons d'ouvertures : 2017-2018; 2018-2019;
Modalités de contrôle : Written exam (100%)
Contenu : Discrete location theory has several applications in the industry. The problem is to allocate objects (databases, software, concentrators) to sites such that some demand or capacity constraints are satisfied and some predefined considerations are optimized (costs or load balancing among sites).

We consider several classical problems (uncapacitated facility location, p-median, p-center, task assignment, ...) that can be formalized by linear or quadratic mathematical programs, generally with binary variables. For each studied problem, we review its applications, polynomial particular cases and different solution methods. We hence have a global vision on practical solution methods with aspects of complexity, solution by meta-heuristics, the benefits of mathematical programming and lagrangian duality, specific algorithms, ...

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