Titre : FE heterogeneous multiscale method for long-time wave propagation
Année : 2013
Type : article_acl
Auteurs : A. Abdulle, M. Grote, C. Stohrer
Résumé : A new finite element heterogeneous multiscale method (FE-HMM) is proposed for the numerical solution of the wave equation over long times in a rapidly varying medium. Our FE-HMM captures long-time dispersive effects of the true solution at a cost similar to that of a standard numerical homogenization scheme which, however, only captures the short-time macroscale behavior of the wave field.
Thèmes :
Référence : comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Series I - Mathematics - vol. 351 (pp 495-499 ) images/icons/doctype_link.gif