Strong-viscosity solutions: semilinear parabolic PDEs and path-dependent PDEs

april, 2019
Type de publication :
Article (revues avec comité de lecture)
Journal :
Osaka Journal of Mathematics., vol. 56, No.2, pp. 323-373
Editeur :
Volume 56, Number 2 (2019), 323-373.
arXiv :
images/icons/icon_arxiv.png 1505.02927
Mots clés :
strong-viscosity solutions; viscosity solutions; backward stochastic differential equations; path-dependent partial differential equations.
Résumé :
The aim of the present work is the introduction of a viscosity type solution, called \emph{strong-viscosity solution} to distinguish it from the classical one, with the following peculiarities: it is a purely analytic object; it can be easily adapted to more general equations than classical partial differential equations. First, we introduce the notion of strong-viscosity solution for semilinear parabolic partial differential equations, defining it, in a few words, as the pointwise limit of classical solutions to perturbed semilinear parabolic partial differential equations; we compare it with the standard definition of viscosity solution. Afterwards, we extend the concept of strong-viscosity solution to the case of semilinear parabolic path-dependent partial differential equations, providing an existence and uniqueness result.
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