Diffraction by an acoustic grating perturbed by a bounded obstacle

Anne-Sophie Bonnet-BenDhia and Karim Ramdani
Publication type:
Paper in peer-reviewed journals
Advances in Computational Mathematics, vol. 16(2-3), pp. 113-138
An original approach to solve 2D time harmonic diffraction problems involving locally perturbed gratings is proposed. The propagation medium is composed of a periodically stratified half-space and a homogeneous half-space containing a bounded obstacle. Using Fourier and Floquet transforms and integral representations, the diffraction problem is formulated as a coupled problem of Fredholm type with two unknowns: the trace of the diffracted field on the interface separating the two half-spaces on one hand, and the restriction of the diffracted field to a bounded domain surrounding the obstacle, on the other hand.
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